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Sarah Palin: Dick Cheney Got An Apology From That Guy He Shot In The Face–Where’s MINE?

Posted on | October 14, 2008 | No Comments

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Exonerated? Does Sarah Palin even know what that means? Or maybe she thinks that people are talking about that white-wash “report” the RNC put out? (AP) Palin pre-empts state report, clears self in probe Clearing yourself of wrongdoing is like forgiving yourself for hurting someone…it doesn’t really mean a helluva lot. (Reuters) Palin says report says she acted lawfully. In other words, she had the power to fire someone, but “The investigator wrote in the report that, `I find that Governor Sarah Palin abused her power by violating” a statute of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act, which bars any official action to benefit a personal interest. Violation of the ethics act could result in sanctions, including up to $5,000 in civil fines by a state ethics board, according to the law.” I guess unless you’re found guilty of a CRIME, Sarah Palin would say you were exonerated completely, since it was only a civil, not a criminal offense. I’m beginning to think that some of these politicians really do need a good whuppin’ from their parents. They obviously didn’t get one while they were brats…

It was obviously politically motivated — hoo boy!

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