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IS there a real John McCain?

Posted on | October 17, 2008 | No Comments

Slump Buster

Well, the debates are over. John McCain actually did a lot better in this one than he did in any of the others (even the Town Meeting Style one), but boy, what a nasty old man he is. He can lie much better with a straight face (Straight Face Express?) especially when he tried to link Obama to the Weathermen and then the Weathermen to ACORN. But he still didn’t do as well as Obama, who remained unflappable in the face of what would be considered slander if these weren’t public figures duking it out for the Presidency. I did like when McCain literally dropped his jaw when Obama told him he was completely wrong about the details of his health plan. I wish that Obama had thought to mention that most of the registration irregularities in ACORN’s lists were in fact flagged by ACORN as possibly fraudulent registrations, but there’s only so much you can get into a timed response. Irish bookmakers are already prepped to pay off on Obama (Wash Times) Bookies bank on Obama win: Pay out early”–but there’s still a lot of fraud at the polls the REPUBLICANS can


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