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Greenspan Receives a Remedial Economics Lesson–Greed Trumps the Market

Posted on | October 24, 2008 | No Comments

Greenspan: Shocked, shocked, shocked!

Greenspan: Shocked, shocked, shocked!

So it comes as a huge surprise to Alan Greenspan that lack of regulation merely encourages unbridled greed to such an extent that the market winds up eating itself alive. I guess he never heard of the worm Oroboros. Of course, it wasn’t HIS fault–he was only the most powerful man in finance, responsible for setting the interest rates on those loans that got out of hand. Not to mention supporting Bush’s/Cheney’s insane tax cuts that drained the Treasury so that we had to borrow money for his wars, for disaster recovery, and now to save the banks. It was our due

Speaking of things that got out of hand, Sarah Palin has a new wardrobe LOL. $150K, but don’t worry–it’ll all go to charity after the election. That’s right, to charity. You got that now? It’s going to charity.

God, what hypocrites.


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