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A Heroine For Our Slimes

Posted on | February 20, 2004 | No Comments


(Gainesville Times) Cleland’s campaign manager clarifies senator’s Army service
(Ann Coulter) File Under: ‘Omission Accomplished’ for Feb. 18, 2004 AND Cleland Drops A Political Grenade for Feb. 11, 2004
(Talkingpresident.com)America’s REAL Action Heroes–Ann Coulter Doll
As you can see, Max Cleland was not called a hero simply because he lost three of his limbs but because he was awarded with the Bronze Star, as well as the Silver Star for gallantry and valor in exposing himself to enemy rocket fire in order to save the lives of wounded men (see comments). Ann Coulter distorts the truth, as usual, by assuming her readers will never find out the real facts for themselves. Her Talking Action Figure Doll from Talking Presidents is emblazoned with the legend “America’s Real Action Heroes.” I suspect that Talking Presidents got stuck with a load of female mannequins when Jessica Lynch turned out not to be the heroine she was being portrayed as and came up with the Coulter doll to make up the loss…
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