An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

It is VITAL to the interests of this country that we get to the bottom of this!!!

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(AP) FBI opens investigation of Roger Clemens Yup that’s rightie, folks. Atty. General Michael Mukasey, the man who refused to investigate the Bush aides found in contempt of Congress (CNN) Attorney general declines to investigate Bush advisers has sicced the FBI on Roger Clemens. After all, they were ordered to break the law by the President and that makes it alright, but Clemens may have lied about using steroids! Let’s get our priorities straight: baseball trumps corruption everytime!

In the meantime, back when Roger was testifying, the question came up if he’d ever been a vegetarian. No, he said. The next question was, “Have you ever been a Vegan?” Roger was sooooooo flummoxed–wtf is a VEGAN?– that I had to memorialize the moment. It also gave me an opportunity to perform a little Jhonen Vasquez/Invader Zim salute 🙂


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