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Ah Got The Football, It’s MAH Football, Nobody Gun Take It Away From ME!

Posted on | June 7, 2004 | No Comments


(AP) Pope Blasts Bush on Recent Events in Iraq

Not only that, but Bush kept the Pope waiting for 15 minutes (AP) Bush Late for Vatican Meeting With Pope

Because 10s of 1000s of protestors were in the city, Berlusconi turned Rome into an armed fortress(Reuters) CORRECTED: Pope Pressures Bush on Iraq Amid Rome Protests

but told Bush that only about 6000 protestors had shown up, 4000 of whom were from outside Rome (AFP) Pope admonishes Bush; demos fizzle out in fortress Rome

(Reuters) Bush’s Nuclear ‘Football’ in Vatican Hallowed Halls To top it all off, Bush brought the “football” inside…who the hell did he think he had to nuke anyway?

Our condolences to the Reagan family–he and his family suffered greatly the last few years and tho’ the death of a loved one is always sad, it at least marks the end of suffering.


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