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Sleep Well, Beauty

Posted on | August 12, 2004 | No Comments


(AP) Empire State Building to Honor Fay Wray

My favorite movie of all time is the original King Kong. It is justifiably a classic, one of the first films of the sound era where all the elements of film production came together to produce something truly memorable. One of those elements was the presence of Fay Wray. Beautiful, intelligent, and with a set of lungs that could scream bloody murder, her performance gave life to the 18 inch mannikin that became Kong. Fay used to resent the film because it typecast her, but in later years, she was happy to have been part of making such a classic. For Kong was more than a mere classic–it was a legend that became part of American mythology. For the 50th anniversary of the completion of the Empire State Building, a giant balloon in the form of an ape was fastened to the building’s tower. But Kong would not have been what it was without Fay Wray–nor the romance of the Empire State Building. Sleep well, Beauty, you have earned your rest.


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