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Hey, Double D’s Will Be Important If She Takes Up Exotic Dancing After Her Tour Of Duty Is Up

Posted on | August 20, 2004 | No Comments


(Reuters) Porn Star Tells Military ‘Bullets, Not Boobs’

That’s right, boob jobs on the house for any female enlistee that wants ’em…But, if a female soldier gets raped, military medicine will not allow a termination of the pregnancy…go figure.

Hey, just a thought–what if a man wants penile enhancement? Or maybe he’s a TS and wants HIS boobs enhanced? Hmmm, there could be an interesting equality issue here 🙂

My apologies to my early morning readers–I had a headache last night and took a little nap–which turned out to be a Double D sized nap LOL…Have a great weekend everyone, Fred and Bert and I will be back on Monday.


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