An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Sorry, I Can’t Show Up, I’ve Got (SNIFFFFFFFF) Sinus Problems…

Posted on | September 10, 2004 | No Comments


My, my, my, this IS getting complicaterated. Killian’s son denies the authenticity of the memos CBS publicized and CBS defends them. An independent writing expert says, correctly, that they could have been produced by Microsoft Word because at least two of the memos contain superscripts, which weren’t commonly available on typewriters of the era. Much as I’d like to believe in them, there ARE people capable of producing forgeries for money. Hey, here’s a thought: Karl Rove’s office actually produced them, playing a double reverse. They produced forgeries and got them to CBS through an intermediary, with JUST enough errors to make sure that the forgery would be quickly discovered and denounced, thus ensuring that the whole business would be discredited. After all, the White House did not challenge the authenticity, which it would NOT do, because the challenge to the authenticity is better if it comes from an independent source. With the discrediting of the memos, the whole questioning of Bush service would gain a reflected discrediting. As well as tarring Kerry with “the most likely to benefit from this mendacity.” This kind of deviousness is classic Rove. I LIKE IT! Anyway, yours truly is going home for the weekend. Y’all have a good one…A LITTLE TRAVELING MUSIC PLEASE!


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