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(AP) Report: N. Korea Says Explosion Was Planned

ummmmm yeah-uhhhh! a planned superexplosion with a mushroom cloud and it wasn’t nu-cya-ler…mmmhmmmmmmmmm. Could be 🙂

In other news, it seems as if the typewriters which could produce true superscripts of the type used in the Killian memos about Lieutenant Bush were MUCH more common than I had thought. That does not prove that the memos are genuine, but it does knock the legs out from under the arguments against their authenticity based on typography. Still, if the memos should prove NOT to be genuine, my original contention that the only group to benefit would be the Bush campaign still holds…who has a better motive to produce a forgery that can be discredited so easily BUT Karl Rove? But Dan Rather is staking the reputation of CBS News on their authenticity–and he’s from the days when CBS News had a powerful reputation to uphold. Ultimately, however, these memos won’t change anyone’s minds. The people who believe Bush was a shirker will feel vindicated, and the people who think he served honorably will believe this is a Democratic trick and the people who don’t care will continue not to care. And really, this election should not be about what happened 30 years ago, it should be about whether or not Bush has done a competent job and whether Kerry can do a better one. But we all know that THAT will never happen in America THESE days…


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