An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Lord of the Lies

Posted on | September 24, 2004 | No Comments

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(AP via Boston Globe) CBS feeling e-mailers’ wrath

Well, the message got killed when one of the pieces of evidence, “the Killian memos”, turned out to have probably been forged. Now let’s kill the messenger. Where did I hear it? It’s like OJ’s trial–his hand can’t fit into a blood-soaked, dried and SHRUNKEN glove so he obviously can’t be guilty–it was all that detective’s fault who used the N word. That 86 year old secretary actually said something very important–while she didn’t type those memos, they ACCURATELY REFLECTED the assessments of Lt. Bush by Killian. Rather and his producer are guilty of stupidity, not malice. They should have vetted this material much more closely, realized they were phonies and based their research on the secretary’s recollections. Now, the Republican junta has mobilized its internet army to make an example of Rather. If he is fired, it will be a warning to all the media NOT to delve into this corrupt regime, but take what they’re handed and like it, like good little stooges.

One day I’m early, one day I’m late. Everything went overtime yesterday and of course, I came up with a really involved toon for the day… On the other hand, I’m back on solid food, so next week should go smoother. Happy Birthday, Georgie…Fred and Bert and I will return on Monday 🙂

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