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Sleep peacefully, dad, you and mom are together again

Posted on | April 4, 2005 | No Comments

2005-04-04-momdad.jpgA personal note…my mom was a well-known singer and choir director on the north Jersey shore while my brother and I were growing up. My dad invented one of the basic semiconductor circuits and worked for the US Army at the Hexagon most of his life. He became my mom’s caregiver while she had a debilitating muscular disease the last 15 years of her life. After she passed away, he was a broken man. Neither my brother nor I realized how badly things had become until the past year. My regular readers will remember how I’ve had to take breaks during the past nine months to deal with a continuing family crisis. My brother and I worked our asses off to help my father. I myself was living in his house, taking breaks to return home just long enough to keep things together here and then return to New Jersey. I think dad is at peace now. All he wanted was to be at my mother’s side and now, that is where he is. Doing HAIL DUBYUS! has been my solace, keeping my spirits up during an intensely emotional period of my life. Thanks to my wife for her love and support during this difficult time. My thanks to Fred and Bert whose antics have kept me smiling. Thanks also to my brother and his family and also to all my dearest friends who have expressed their sympathy, and to all those whose support of my cartoon has made it worthwhile…

Gregorius alexandrinus

Postscript: I will be modifying HAIL DUBYUS! to a less grueling three-cartoon per week schedule. I’ve never had time to adequately advertise my blog, depending entirely on word-of-mouth and search engine listings. The last nine months and especially the past week have also made me acutely aware of my need for time to be with my wife, my friends, and my family. And Fred’n’Bert keep complaining about not having enough time to bury enough nuts AND chase girls 🙂 A three-a-week schedule is consistent with many other editorial cartoons and will allow me to devote the same care and attention to detail to every one of my creations as my dear readership has come to expect. So, from today, HAIL DUBYUS! will appear every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, except for holidays. See you in two days, gang!


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