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I Hear The Best Place To Go Cruisin’ Has Always Been A Republican Gathering…

Posted on | May 18, 2005 | No Comments


(Spokane Spokesman-Review) Special Investigative Report On James West

I could care less if Spokane Mayor James West was gay or not…the fact that he’s gay and yet has opposed gay rights consistently in his political career strikes me as either the height of self-loathing or the height of hypocrisy. For Republican apologists to turn around and point their fingers at the newspaper that outed him and claim foul by their misrepresenting themselves in the chatroom just goes to prove the Republican ethic: “If we cheat, it’s OK; if you cheat, it’s wrong.” I guess we’d better stop our kids from reading Sherlock Holmes…the master of disguises would be considered a moral reprobate if he turned his skills to corrupt officials…if they were Republicans.


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