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Can You Say Smoking Gun?

Posted on | June 10, 2005 | No Comments


Although we’ve mentioned it before in text, I haven’t done a ‘toon of the Downing Street Memo Affair, because just the existence of a memo didn’t lend itself to a cartoon. Tuesday’s press conference, on the other hand, was ripe 🙂 For full coverage, see Downing Street Memo.Com and After Downing Street.Com. There are links to sign a petition on behalf of Sen. Conyers who is pressing for a full explanation of this affair. BTW, why do Bush and Blair keep saying that Saddam Hussein hadn’t complied with the disarmament directive of the UN, when all subsequent intelligence shows he had ten years ago…which we would have found out if our war hadn’t prevented the UN inspectors from finishing their evaluation? I guess neither Bush nor Blair has any respect for the intelligence of their own people. Have a good weekend folks…


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