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And Just To Show You I’m Really Bi-Partisan In My Views On Idiocy…

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(Reuters) Senators fight hidden sex in ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Now, first of all, the game was rated M for “Mature”, i.e., 17 years or older. The 85 year-old grandma bought it for a 14 year-old kid. Second, you need a crack to get at the “explicit” content. And third, I mean, come ON! We’re talking “GRAND THEFT AUTO” here–what’s worse, kids playing at stealing cars, blowing up trucks, murdering indiscriminate digital characters, or seeing some explicit sex with digital mannequins? I mean, it’s about as HAWT as playing Kama Sutra with Barbie and Ken! The only acceptable censorship, in my view, is voluntary self-censorship–once the government gets involved, you have the means and opportunity for repression and set a precedent for censoring more important stuff than pornography. So Cool It, Congress. Control your content, software makers. Grandmas, read the damn labels, and kids, learn to hide these things better 🙂


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