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Tom Delay Plays Santa (Again) To Halliburton (Who Else)–With Apologies to Guinness and St. Patrick

Posted on | August 1, 2005 | No Comments


(Reuters) Democrat accuses DeLay of adding fund to bill

(The Nation)DeLay’s Dirty Trick

Sorry to upload so late, but this wound up being more complicated to draw than I thought…

And one more thing–thanks to all my devoted readers (and the not so devoted ones) for making the two years of HAIL DUBYUS! the success it has been. Fred’n’Bert (and their cousins Randy and Priss seen on 7/29 and other earlier issues) and I had been so busy reworking the studio after our return from NJ, we barely remembered our second anniversary (although I noticed the pecans and cashews were totally GONE this evening). Join us in celebrating two years of the MOST squirrelous political cartoon on the net 🙂


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