An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Bush Doesn’t Think It’s A Good Idea To Leave Iraq…After All, Oil Isn’t Over $100 A Barrel Yet…

Posted on | August 12, 2005 | No Comments


(US Newswire) Media Matters for America: Cindy Sheehan ‘Changed Her Story on Bush?’; Tracking A Lie Through the Conservative Media

Yup, same old dodge, shoot the messenger. Let’s make Cindy Sheehan the liar (instead of the Liar-in-Chief) and let’s make believe she’s demanding we pull out immediately when what she was asking was, why are we really there? If you’re wondering why I’ve spent so much time with Mrs. Sheehan, it’s because she is someone who’s finally called this phony-baloney War President out, something only a handful in Congress have had the guts enough to do. Y’all have a good weekend.


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