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If I Hadn’t Known This Had Happened, I Never Would Have Found It

Posted on | August 17, 2005 | No Comments


(Reuters) Crosses vandalised at antiwar mum’s Texas camp site…You might’ve thought that the vandalization of the crosses representing American soldiers would’ve made front page news. But I could only find it in the headlines from Ireland, the UK, and Singapore via Reuters. The CBS coverage is typical of what we saw in the states…page two of a headline that would provoke moral outrage from a Bush supporter…(CBS News) Sheehan Edges Closer To Bush Ranch You just gotta wonder what was in that guy’s mind…supporting the Bush means knocking down memorials to the fallen soldiers…are his values really THAT upside down? Meanwhile, AP decided to focus on the broken marriage (which we already knew about) to let us know that SHE was the crackpot, not her poor husband (and certainly not our poor President who isn’t letting any deaths in Iraq keep him from getting on with HIS life). (AP) Husband of ‘Peace Mom’ Files for Divorce

After all, Lance Armstrong is coming to ride bikes with him–he’s gotta make a good show after all, doesn’t he?


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