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Debra LaFave Appreciation Issue–Get Out Your 3D Glasses!

Posted on | November 30, 2005 | No Comments


OK, No documentation needed, by now, you’ve all heard of Debra LaFave, the 23 year old teacher who’d posed for “Makes and Models” who had a wild affair with one of her 14 year old charges (who’s now 16, and she is now 25). I feel sorry for her because her adolescence sounds like a horror story, and for her husband, who, well, let’s not go into that. But the person I feel most sorry for is that poor 14 year old kid, who must live the rest of his life, certain in the knowledge that no matter what else happens in his life, he will NEVER GET LUCKIER!

And now a special treat. For those of you who wish to remember what it was to be like to be 14 and how you viewed the world, GET OUT YOUR 3D GLASSES! The ones with red on one side and blue/green on the other? Put them on and COVER THE BLUE/GREEN SIDE, and you will be able to see, how YOU viewed the world when your hormones were raging through your body harder and faster than the morning Express! You’ve heard of rose-colored glasses? Well, this is a passionate red American Beauty…(Clear red glass or plastic will do as well).

We now return you to our regularly scheduled political lampoons :-).


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