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And For Our Next Number, Deck Us All With Boston Charlie…

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Because of: (AP) Bush: Iraq Invasion My Responsibility, Our Not-Me President thinks he has owned up for his part in the Iraq fiasco. Of course, he still blames the “faulty intelligence,” which of course was faulty precisely because HIS team screwed it. Taking responsibility isn’t saying words, Georgie Porgie, it’s acting like a man and so far, you haven’t done that once.

In the meantime, Bush finally agreed with McCain to disallow torture. Rummy and Dickless will weasel their way around it…would YOU trust these guys on a handshake? Remember what kind of campaign Bush ran against you, John, after promising a clean fight. And the people who promised us the Patriot Act wouldn’t ever be abused had authorized the NSA to carry out spying within US borders without warrants. And New Orleans is still waiting for some REAL reconstruction

OK, that’s it for this year. It was long and hard with much going on in my real life besides here, but it was worth it. Fred and Bert and I will be taking off until January 9 so we can work on some improvements that have been put off for a long long time. Fred, Bert, Randy, Priss and I hope y’all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, ummm good Kwanzaa, sated Saturnalia, Wassail all you yuletiders, AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

ONE LAST THING…if you can’t read my Olde English calligraphy, click on the comments link and you can see the lyrics to Good King Georgie over there.


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