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No, Really, I’m Sane, I Gave Up Waiting On Godot AGES Ago

Posted on | April 10, 2006 | No Comments


(AP) Mental Patient Charged With Threat to Bush

So, here’s the story…we have a mental patient…he’s clearly undergoing treatment and he makes jokes about castrating Bush, as if he could ever get close enough to do it. So the Secret Service have him indicted under the threat to President act, which makes it illegal for ANYONE to knowingly and wilfully say that they’d like to do some bodily harm to President Scaredypants. Obviously the question of his sanity is going to come up. Are they going to argue that he’s sane enough for trial BECAUSE he wanted to do something to Bush? Ooops, I forgot, everything changed since 9/11 and we’re still in the Looking-Glass

By the way, it seems as if Google has changed its referral rankings radically last week and my hit counts took a major downswing. I’m not making any money on this, nor am I selling advertising, so obviously according to the new Google criteria, I’m not as important as blogs that do. I’m going to ask all my friends out there in Netland to send out my URL to people they think will get a kick out of these cartoons. If you’ve got your own website and would like to link me, I’ll return your links (provided you’re not running a spam or kiddie porn site or are a front for a neo-Nazi group or something similar) if you send me an email. THX for your readership and your support from Fred’n’Bert and me 🙂


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