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O Say Can You See, Da Da Da Early Light…

Posted on | May 5, 2006 | No Comments


(AFP) First lady disagrees with husband Bush on US anthem in Spanish

(AFP) Bush’s command of Spanish too shaky for ‘Nuestro Himno’

(AFP) Bush urges immigrants to learn English

(AP) Bush Celebrates Cinco De Mayo, a Day Early

(MENC) STUDY SHOWS AMERICANS DON[base ‘]T KNOW THE NATIONAL ANTHEM “Nearly two out of three Americans (61 percent) don[base ‘]t know all of the words to our National Anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, according to a recent Harris Interactive├é┬« survey.” Hell, who cares what language it’s in, as long as someone sings it. Let’s give Bush a deal, when he learns to read the calendar so he can figure out when Cinco de Maio (and Chanukah) really are, maybe people will start to pay attention to what he says they should do? Naaaaaaahhhh, he doesn’t even listen to himself, why should anyone else?


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