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Never Smile At A Crocodile?

Posted on | May 31, 2006 | No Comments


(WPBF) Man Wrestles Gator To Save Puppy

(AFP) As alligator fear sweeps Florida, processor’s business booms

(AP) Alligator Stops Traffic on Fla. Turnpike

(AP) Alligators abound during annual Fla. count

(AFP) Alligator war heats up in Florida after three women killed

(WKMG) 700-Pound Alligator Pulled From Fla. Canal

OK, it’s tasteless, but it isn’t an adults-only cartoon like Google seems to think I run here 🙂 My apologies to my readers for posting so late…my arthritis has been acting up and I lay down for a little rest while I was inking and suddenly turned to see the clock saying 5 am…I’ll have more on my Google stuff later in the day…

I’ve decided to put the entire Google censorship issue onto a separate page which you can reach with this link.


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