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Was There Ever A Time When Garfield Was Funny?

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This cartoon is about the compromises that the Democrats have been making and continue to make with this evil administration. Support for a disastrous war taken up for no GOOD reasons (although plenty of bad reasons) has been linked to patriotism–support an open-ended war with no end strategy and you’re patriotic–call for a phased withdrawal and you’re an evil traitor who’s threatening the lives of “OUR BOYS”. There’s no middle ground given or taken. The Democrats who are jockeying for the position of being the next losing presidential candidate are falling over themselves to get mired in this trap lest they be called weak. But the real weakness is seen to be being the marionette on the string, trying to be a centrist when there’s no longer a center in American politics…(AP) Senate rejects calls on Iraq troop pullout

In the meantime, it has been four weeks since I wrote Google about their inappropriate limiting of all but 50-some HAIL DUBYUS! cartoons to adults-only searches. I have received no answer, other than the acknowledgment emails 4 weeks ago. Those of you who read this know that this is anything BUT a sexually explicit cartoon. I don’t think it comes as much of a surprise to note that our downgrading by Google came only a few months before Google launched its new Government Portal Site. I don’t believe HD is being specifically targeted, but I believe Google’s AI has been tuned to downgrade all administration-critical sites. But limiting this site to adults-only image searches is simply wrong. So, I have written Google again, not by email, but by real mail, explaining the problem. I will be loading the document onto my Google issue page later today (Now uploaded. also see the original discussion on the original Google adults-only page.)


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