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So Now It’s Disgraceful To Be The New York Times, But Not The Wall Street Journal?

Posted on | July 5, 2006 | No Comments


(AFP) US secretly probes financial records to track terrorists

(AFP) US lawmaker demands criminal probe of New York Times

(AP) Argument against report puzzles NYT editors

(AFP) Bush assails ‘disgraceful’ terrorism banking revelations

(AFP) US House backs Bush, not New York Times on secrecy

(AP) NYT: Bank program not news to terrorists


Now Let Me See: Since 9/11, Bush has been telling us that we are tracking the terrrrrists by tracking the money, a perfectly legitimate and reasonable way of investigating them. The NY Times revealed he was actually telling the truth for once, using perfectly legitimate and PUBLICLY AVAILABLE means. The LA Times and Wall Street Journal, both also following the story, break their own versions. Bush and Cheney calls the Times disgraceful and some ass in the House accuses the paper of treason and the House votes a non-binding slap at the Times for revealing the big non-secret secret. So why the hubbub? Is it simply Republican grandstanding to please the conservative base before the ’06 elections? Or is there something NON-legit about the probe the Times revealed? Gee, if you can track moneys to terrorists, it wouldn’t be hard to track moneys to liberal causes, track investments, and other transactions that it would be illegal to use the power of the government to trace…Or am I just paranoid about this administration that abuses its power every opportunity it gets?


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