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Yo, Blair! Want Some Kibbles and Bits, Boy?

Posted on | July 21, 2006 | No Comments


(Independent UK) ‘Yo, Blair!’: Overheard at the G8

(Youtube) The sh*t heard round the world

(Crooks and Liars) Presidential Groping

I decided that I’d never heard such a pathetic display by a world leader in my entire life–just what does Bush have over Blair that makes him roll over and show him his throat like this? Do you think it’s because Cherie keeps telling him what a MAN Georgie is? Anyway, here’s the link to the whole conversation, a video of the “Stop doing this s**t” section and also via Crooks and Liars, the presidential groping of German Chancellor Merkel. You know, everything that guy does is calculated to put people in a submissive posture. Doesn’t work on Putin tho–he’s ex-KGB so he knows all the tricks…


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