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And This Year’s Hank Kissinger “Heartless” Award Goes to Condoleezza Rice!

Posted on | July 26, 2006 | No Comments


Birth pangs, Condi? Oh, please, ordinarily we don’t expect birth pangs to kill off the mother. And to anyone who thinks it’s unfair of me to use Condi’s childlessness against her, that was her choice, as well as her own choice of metaphor. This whole situation makes me ill. I feel as if those two kidnapped Israelis have the dubious honor of becoming the excuse for waging war, not just against Lebanon, but against Syria and Iran as well. The bombing of Iran’s nuclear facilities is still pencilled in for this year…

I’m too depressed to list any articles–there are just too many to chose from. But oh yeah, Olmert sent his apologies for killing three UN observers.


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