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Get Out Yer 3D Glasses! Our 3rd Anniversary Toon In 3D!

Posted on | July 31, 2006 | No Comments


(Newsweek) Pounding the Keys “There she was playing her Brahms sonata, while 5,000 miles away the Mideast burned. It was all too tempting for columnists to make snarky references to Nero and his fiddle, and a few did” I was too upset about it last week for a snarky reference in my cartoon, so I’ll make up for it now 🙂

OK, we know you have a pair of 3D glasses lying around–you know, the red-green or red-blue variety that came with Spy Kids and Fruit Roll-ups (or whatever that concoction was)…lol, if you don’t you should, and if you’re really hard up for them, you can get them at American Paper Optics. Anyway, the RED filter should go over the LEFT eye and the BLUE/GREEN filter over the RIGHT EYE. Not the greatest 3D picture, but I kind of liked the idea of a third anniversary in 3D after seeing JAWS 3D and FRIDAY THE 13TH 3D


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