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Hahaha, You Can’t Foola Me, There’s-a No Such Thing As A Durable Ceasefire

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(NYTimes) U.S. Shift Kicked Off Frantic Diplomacy at U.N.“A senior administration official said a crucial moment came when Ms. Rice decided to intervene personally in New York. ‘Condi sat in her office Thursday night,’ he said. ‘In a very clear moment, she decided to go to New York and just force this through by going there and sitting there until it got done.’ Well, it was about #$%^ time.

(Guardian) UN says ‘peace tomorrow’ despite Israeli attack “Israel dramatically defied a unanimous United Nations Security Council ceasefire resolution by escalating its ground war yesterday in southern Lebanon, asserting that it needed more time to ‘clean up’ Hizbollah…By the day’s end, 30,000 Israeli soldiers had crossed the border. Despite reports that some troops had reached the Litani, it was also their bloodiest day of fighting, with at least 11 killed and 70 wounded. Israel claimed that it had killed 40 Hizbollah fighters.”

(NYTimes) Israelis in North Are Pessimistic About a Truce Well, no s**t, if their method of prepping for a cease fire is to send 30,000 troops across a border to accomplish as much killing as they can before they’re forced to stop.

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