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We’re Safer, But We’re Not Safe…We’re Outer, But We’re Not Out…

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(NEWSWEEK) Patriotism or Politics? President Bush called for unity in his latest speech, but in reality, he was gearing up for a bruising fall campaign.

(CNN) Transcript of Bush Speech

(Keith Olbermann Blog) This hole in the ground

How is it that Olberman is the only commentator in network or cable news who dares to tell the truth these days? I guess it’s not surprising when the events of 9/11 meant nothing to the man leading our country but a political opportunity and continue to mean only that. You read headline after headline about Democrats being upset at the Bush. Well, I’m NOT a Democrat and I’m DAMN upset about where he has led our nation, about his lies, about his sabotage of the constitution, about his war for his oil cronies. Get it right, news media, this isn’t about Democrats and Republicans, this is about democracy and demagoguery. Do we have to prove Plato right?

In the meantime, investigative reporter Greg Palast has been slapped with criminal charges Palast Charged with Journalism in the First Degree for “unauthorized filming of a ‘critical national security structure’ in Louisiana,” i.e., an oil refinery right next to a Katrina evacuee encampment still filled with 73,000 people made homeless for the last year…maybe they’re still homeless as punishment for looking at the refinery every day? Welcome to the police state.


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