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Who Do These Guys Think They’re Kidding? Too Bad It’s Working…

Posted on | September 20, 2006 | No Comments

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(USAToday) Our view on handling terror suspects: Rules for interrogating terrorists? Yes. Torture? No.

(Slate) Powell Trumps Bush

(AFP) Powell expresses opposition to Bush plan on military tribunals

(AP) Bush fights GOP revolt over terror bill

(AP) Bush anti-terror plan edges forward

McCain and other Republicans, including Colin Powell, are being described as rebels and mavericks for opposing Bush’s demands for “clarified” interrogation legislation. As everyone knows, if you try to clarify what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable, you make it much easier to undermine the intent of a law by providing loopholes…just think income taxes. You’d think the IRS would have clearly defined instructions on what is and is not legal, but that doesn’t stop people with good lawyers and accountants to find ways to circumvent the intention of the regulations. THAT’S what Bush’s clarifications are intended to do, provide loopholes for torture. These rebels and mavericks are trying to uphold the rule of law, which the administration doesn’t give a damn about…all they care about is the rule of the economic jungle, the survival of the richest.

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