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Just Because We Reached An Agreement, Doesn’t Mean We Have Keep It

Posted on | September 22, 2006 | No Comments


(Reuters) Bush, Republicans forge terrorism interrogation deal

(AP) Deal on detainees quells GOP infighting

Let’s face it, the only people Bush is interested in saving by “clarifying” the Geneva Conventions was his own and Dickyboy’s sorry asses (well, Donald’s and Alberto’s too). By reaching a deal with his party’s “mavericks”, he gives them a win and makes a big show of being able to compromise. But have y’all forgotten something? The infamous Signing Statements. The president, our esteemed frat boy who used to brand pledges, is still going to be able to define what he decides is “cruel and inhuman”.

Your faithful cartoonist apologizes for the lack of his usual anal retentive technique–he jumped too hard into a diet (ain’t middle age awful? gotta watch that weight and cholesterol count) and had a rough day in the energy department. Not a bad drawing–just not as nitpicky perfect as my usual stuff. LOL. Fred’n’Bert will watch over me this weekend and forcefeed me a few carbs to get the engine running again 🙂 Y’all have a good one. Oh and belated birthday greetings to a special pet who’s helped almost as much as yon squirrels


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