An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Men? This Whole Administration Does–First Hand!

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(AP) Many hopefuls keep Bush ties under wraps “Bush has yet to hold a single traditional campaign-style rally for one of his party’s hopefuls this election cycle…of six fundraisers Bush is headlining this week, all but one [~] for Alabama Gov. Bob Riley [~] are private, by agreement between the White House and the campaigns…this year, in the same time period between July and the end of September, nearly two-thirds of Bush’s political events are scheduled to be closed, held in private homes…” Invitation only, be sure to have your checkbook and Republican Party card in hand and be prepared to sign the loyalty pledge on entering.

In the meantime, people far more knowledgable than I have looked over the “compromise” between the mavericks and Bush about legalizing torture. Check The Nation The Pro-Torture Pact, The Washington Post, The Abuse Can Continue: Senators won’t authorize torture, but they won’t prevent it, either. and this press release from Amnesty International Amnesty International ‘Deeply Disturbed’ by New Detainee Legislation Everyone got what they wanted–Bush looks like he compromised when he didn’t, and McCain, Graham and Warner got their names in the paper making believe they were righteous. The farce goes on.

And not that I’m old enough to have heard it first run (unless my parents had it on before I was even in short pants hehehe) but my favorite oldtime radio program is, as if you couldn’t guess, THE SHADOW! Too bad the Alec Baldwin movie had such a LOUSY script…I wonder why there’s this modernizing cliche of providing the characters with a back story and then getting it ALL WRONG!


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