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And Are We Being Censored AGAIN Over Here? Mmmmmmm Could Be…

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(The Nation) Waterboarding’s Comeback

(David Corn) This Is What Waterboarding Looks Like

(WashPost) Waterboarding Historically Controversial: In 1947, the U.S. Called It a War Crime; in 1968, It Reportedly Caused an Investigation

This is for all you who don’t know what kind of techniques The Party doesn’t consider torture. I understand that in order to justify it’s not being called torture, we’ve petitioned the Olympic Committee to have it instated as a sport 🙂

In the meantime, my hits took another dive on Saturday and after the problems with Google in the spring, I checked Image Search http://images.google.com for “hail dubyus” to see how many of my cartoons were there and found…ONLY 42! After being up to 386 earlier in the week. Funny, I thought, that was the number of images that showed up when I searched http://images.google.cn (Ahem the censored image search suitable for the People’s Republic of China). So I searched there for “hail dubyus” and whaddya know–386 images available. Someone switcherooed my image availability between China and THE REST OF THE WORLD. Funny thing, I checked a number of other sites to see if it happened to them–like Playboy, since the Chinese are as much against flesh as they are against politics–but it only seemed to affect MY site. This isn’t saying it HASN’T been done to anyone else, but it looks MIGHTY FISHY from where we stand, especially with our history. We have written various people and if ANYONE out there knows ANYONE with clout at Google, please give us an email. It COULD be a simple error that can easily be fixed…Then again, there’s a good possibility someone at google or hacking google thinks we’re the Most Dangerous Cartoon on the Internet…


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