An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

And If This Don’t Work, There’s Always The Vote Count…

Posted on | October 18, 2006 | No Comments

THURSDAY UPDATE: I spent most of yesterday and today in bed so I’m taking an extra day off this week. Fred’n’Bert have been trying to feed me more acorns “for my strength” but I have been secretly giving them to the squirrels in the control room. In any case, I’m going to finish the comments I began Wednesday morning but was too headachey to complete. However, to compensate, I have an absolutely LOVELY *WEG* toon planned for Monday that may take me all weekend to finish MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So have a good weekend folks…Here’s the revised comments: Well, let’s see, gas prices are down (AP Lowest prices in ’06). Saddam’s verdict is due two days before the election(Reuters: Court may give Saddam verdict on November 5). Republican campaign spending is reaching untold heights for a midterm election…(CQPolitics: NRCC Spends Over $35 Million in Six Weeks to Defend Seats). They’ve shouted cut-and-run, defeatocrats, until it comes out of your ears(WashPost: John Murtha: Confessions of a ‘Defeatocrat’. And of course, Bush sounds the ultimate threat (AP: Bush says Democrats would raise taxes) It sounds like someone’s getting so desperate, they’ve even brought out Chappaquiddick again (AP: Shays: Page scandal isn’t Chappaquiddick) (an accident followed by poor judgment is not the equivalent of the sexual predation of minors, but if some people are going to insist on bringing up Chappaquiddick, why don’t we just remind them that Laura Bush knows about fatal car accidents just as much as Senator Kennedy does (USAToday) Mrs. Bush ran stop sign in fatal crash). In any case, there’s a topic we’ve never figured out how to address in a cartoon, the completely unverifiable electronic voting that have been pushed in this country by Diebold and other companies which, oddly enough, have strong ties to the Republican party (AP: Doubts about vote count strong in U.S.). Please check out Black Box Voting and see what has been discovered on this.


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