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He Thinks He’s Flash Gordon, We Think He’s A Ming Wannabe

Posted on | October 23, 2006 | No Comments


US stakes claim on space

Basically, Georgie Boy has declared to the world his own version of the Monroe Doctrine. Just as Monroe told Europe to stay out of the Americas (despite the fact that several countries held huge interests there) and ages of schoolkids ever since were taught that this unilateralist Monroe Doctrine had some sort of binding effect on the world stage (only if we chose to back it up by force, which we sometimes did and sometimes didn’t), now the Emperor Bush has decided that space is OURS, since he thinks that no one is strong enough to dispute it. We will ignore Russia, whose space program is moribund and France, who’s doing a bang-up business launching satellites, but the main competitor he wishes to deny space to is China. We’ll see what they think of this when their space program is ready a few years down the road 🙂

In the meantime, I was right, this did take me all weekend. I wish I had the talent of a Wally Wood, who could have pencilled and inked this in several hours, and done it better, so this is my tribute to a past master…


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