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BRITNEY FLASHES! (Hey, It’ll Get More Attention Than Civil War In Iraq)

Posted on | December 1, 2006 | No Comments


I know, I know, Stephen Colbert did a throwaway line about no one’s wearing blue or gray on Wednesday night, but my wife will swear that I decided on this cartoon early (like 2 am) Wednesday morning. I unfortunately have had to swear off reading other editorial cartoons until way after events have taken place because I feel if I get an idea and someone else has done something similar, I can’t work on my own. Similarly, if I’m stuck on something and I read the other cartoons, I might be sorely tempted to take someone else’s idea and apply my own twist to it…which is kinda cheating. However, I’m not going to dump my own ideas because of a throwaway line. Nonetheless, he did say it publicly first (phooey!). Of course, my version of a civil war is not very Ken Burns…more Michael Curtiz or William Cameron Menzies.

In other news, the big BUZZ search is, of course, Britney’s pantyless flash while slutting around with Paris and Lindsay. I’m too censored right now to even consider capturing THAT 🙂


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