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And For All You Furry Philiacs, Marilyn MonSquirrel (Or Is It Madonna?)

Posted on | December 15, 2006 | No Comments


And to end the year, the squirrels have decided to present THEIR version of Santa Baby… Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Gode Jul, Sated Saturnalia, and Happy Holidays to anyone I missed. We’ll be back January 3, 2007.

Santa Baby,
Slip a little PAC under the tree, for me,
I’ve been awful good, honestly,
Santa Baby,
So hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa Baby,
A fact-finding junket to Vanuatu,
I’ll be waiting up for you,
Santa Baby,
So hurry down the chimney tonight.

Think of all the fun I missed,
All the pages I could have kissed,
It will be hard to resist
When you are my top lobbyist.

Santa Baby,
A few rounds at St. Andrew’s sounds so uptown,
I’ve been an angel all year round,
Santa Baby,
So hurry down the chimney tonight.

Come and trim my Christmas tree,
First-class air, suite, speaking fee,
I’ll work so unselfishly,
If you keep re-electing me.

Santa Baby,
Forgot to mention one thing, hon, keep mum,
About these perks to everyone 🙂
So Santa Baby,
Just hurry down the chimney tonight.


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