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The State Of Our Union Is Tired As Hell Of Being Lied To…

Posted on | January 10, 2007 | No Comments


Well, it’s almost time for our annual “pat ourselves on the back” address. In the meantime, we have the George Bush plan for Looking As If We Didn’t Lose On My Watch in Iraq. Obviously, the thing to do is commit more of our tired and worn out troops, no reflection on their courage or dedication, but not enough to do any good other than to prolong the fighting until 2008 when it will be someone else’s problem. Preferably if it’s a Democrat…this is the first indication that the Repubs intend to lose and dump all the problems they’ve created into the hands of the adults.

Happy Shias soar over mountaintops of Sunnis and rivers of U.S.-owned oil
Hanging Husseins on your cellphones sings a song of satisfaction To The World!

In other news, I wrote several officers at Google concerning the censorship I’ve been undergoing. As my regular readers will remember, in October Google Image Search blocked nearly ALL of my cartoons, except for the ones that showed up on other sites. On Monday it looked as if some action was taken to reinstate me, because 311 cartoons could now be seen on Image Search. Ah, but don’t get your hopes up Greg…less than 24 hours later, we were back to the original banned status. This is nothing short of harassment now. I think the Google officers ordered my reinstatement. The IS team followed their instructions and then *POOF* turned it back while “no one” was looking. Either that, or somehow they overwrote the reinstatement out of sheer incompetence. I’m writing to the board again. Don’t Be Evil?


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