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Hush, Little Baby, Don’t You Cry…

Posted on | January 29, 2007 | No Comments


(AP) House GOP shut out despite promises

“It is tough to be in the minority, isn’t it? I feel your pain,” Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. The AP article claims that Democrats lorded it over the Republicans for 40 years before the last 12 years, but I can’t recall anything as bad as the last 4 years. Talk about pigs at the trough! Does anyone else recall secret midnight votes? Voting on bills that hadn’t even been printed up yet? I thought not.

(AP) Bush chides Dems on reflexive response

It HAS to be partisan–otherwise, they’d be in favor of MY war leadership without question. Check your own party Georgie, lots of them are having a reflexive partisan response against the war too 🙂


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