An Illustrated Guide to Mendacity and Folly in the Imperium Americanum

Quiet, Err. I’m Transmitting Rage.

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The Aqua Teen Mess: Day 2

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Promotion Bombs

Men held on bond in Boston hoax case

Bomb Hoax??? BOMB HOAX??? ExCUSE ME! In order to be a “BOMB HOAX” you have to tell people there’s a bomb somewhere when there isn’t, NOT put an advertising gimmick somewhere while NOT threatening anyone with a bomb, that a bunch of scaredy-cats who are too uncool to recognize as an ad for a cult TV show THINK is a bomb and go all numbnutz about. “Things are different since 9-11.” Is that going to justify paranoia for the next few decades? No wonder so many people fell for the Bush-lies about Iraq. They were literally willing to believe ANYTHING! The only thing these guys can be charged with is erecting advertisements without a permit. The people who called it in should be given some anti-anxiety pills STAT!


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