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Stationed, Not Stirred: By This Definition, James Bond Isn’t Covert Either

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Liberal media? Check out the difference in coverage between American-based Associated Press, and European-based AFP and Reuters…I was watching the AP stories unfold over the course of Friday’s hearings–at first, the phrase “gripping political theatre” was included in the body of the article. Then an editor crossed out the word “gripping” so that we were left with the somewhat negative “political theatre.” Finally, the accusation of theatricality makes its way to the headline–bolstered by another article that tells us, like a cop trying to control a crowd of gawkers, “Nothing new here, move along, move along.”

(AP) Plame shows theatrical side of Congress

(AP) Plame sheds little light in leak case

(AFP) Ex-CIA agent Plame blasts US officials for blowing her cover

(Reuters) CIA spy at heart of leak scandal breaks silence

David Corn gives an excellent analysis of the hair-splitting that administration flacks are going into to try to deny that Valerie Plame really WAS a covert agent. Like always, they’re trying to base it on the narrowest of interpretations–that Ms. Plame was never “stationed” abroad and therefore wasn’t covert, even though the law only requires “service” abroad. I think Victoria Toensing makes an excellent Rosa Klebb (From Russia With Love), don’t you? (David Corn/The Nation) Valerie Plame Speaks–Finally–About CIA Leak Case

Oh yes and here are some of the YOUTUBE excerpts from the hearings:
Valerie Plame 1
Valerie Plame 2
Valerie Plame 3
James Knodel


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