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MC Rove Indeed! I Hear He’s Actually A Flatulent–err, A Philatelist

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(thinkprogress.org) Rove at the Correspondent’s Dinner

You can bet they didn’t ask Stephen Colbert for a return engagement…Here’s Rappin’ Rove from Fred’n’Bert

Yo, This is Ice-K and I[base ‘]m here to say
The way to getcha grind on every day
Bein[base ‘] square and playin[base ‘] fair
That ain[base ‘]t gonna getcha motherf***in[base ‘] anywhere
It takes prevarication to lead this nation
Everyone knows that s$$$ except a crustacean
Except if you[base ‘]re a lobster or maybe a crab
You know what I[base ‘]m sayin[base ‘], you catch my gab
It[base ‘]s lies, yes lies, F*** everyone lies
You gotta tell lies that[base ‘]d make yo[base ‘] momma cry
It[base ‘]s Lies, lies and even mo[base ‘] lies
Till they are the truth and you[base ‘]d think that
Jesus F***in[base ‘] Christ was totally UNWISE
(tunk tunk tatunk tatunk tatunk tunk tunk!)
(whooka whooka whooka whooka whooka whooka whooka whook!)
You can tell the truth sometimes, it[base ‘]s true
but ya gotta make sure it[base ‘]s in the right venue
Like [base “]I tear the heads off small forest critters[per thou]
you can only say that at the correspondent[base ‘]s dinner.
Make sure you don[base ‘]t admit nuthin[base ‘] anywhere
so the Mofo[base ‘]s don[base ‘]t find out that you don[base ‘]t care.
NEVER write nuthin[base ‘] on the white house computer
You better become like me a regular yahoo-ser!
And it[base ‘]s lies, yes lies, till the day that you die
If you wanna wind up with the biggest piece of pie
lies, lies and even mo[base ‘] lies If you wanna make a bastard
like Bush look like F***in[base ‘] first prize!


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