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Jurassic Park IV–Poultry Farm of DOOM!

Posted on | April 16, 2007 | No Comments


(AP) Dinosaur research backs link to birds

(AFP) T-rex fossil yields clues to evolutionary puzzle: study

(LiveScience) T. Rex Related to Chickens

(Reuters) T. rex thigh reveals chicken family ties

Man, that Gracie is one awesome butt-kicking chick … en. Not exactly political–unless you count yet MORE evidence for evolution as a political subject instead of a scientific one. I think it’s appropriate to mention here the artist I was thinking of while working on today’s cartoon, someone I wish I had half the talent of. The best painter of dragons and dinosaurs (not to mention Godzilla) around today–Bob Eggleton. Please check out his website at bobeggleton.com. He also has an “art-du-jour” site devoted to work that his commissions don’t often give him the chance to let loose in. Check him out 🙂



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