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‘Shamelessly Politicizing A Tragedy?’ Only If You Don’t Agree With Me

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(Christian Post)Is Media, Culture to Blame for Va. Tech Shooting [base “]Movies and video games are getting bloodier and bloodier. And we just hide under the banter that, [OE]kids will be kids.[base ‘] But, ultimately, it is not just a media thing or a gun thing, but a God thing.[per thou] and “These groups, that so quickly have tried to politicize Virginia Tech’s sorrow and loss, have a well-documented history of shamelessly dancing in the blood of crime victims to advance their agenda,” said Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, in a statement in regard to gun control policy. “Such deplorable behavior should not be forgotten by the American public.

(UnionLeader) McCain defends Second Amendment in wake of Va. Tech massacre McCain said the campus tragedy argues neither for more nor fewer firearms restrictions. Instead, he said, [base “]It argues for a better job being done of monitoring what is clearly aberrational and bizarre behavior and taking action to prevent a person like that from continuing without counseling and even perhaps being arrested for harassing women, apparently, threats, and all kinds of bizarre behavior. When someone exhibits a pattern of bizarre and threatening behavior, which is noticed by teachers and others, action should have been taken to prevent him from getting this far,[per thou] McCain said. (AHEM, like we know who’s dangerous or who’s not? I was pretty weird in college–should I have been targeted for “steps” to be taken by the University?

(Minnesota Daily) Second Amendment kills dozens in attack No, the second amendment didn’t kill them, a poor mentally ill person did. Adri Mehra makes the point that we’re not a police state yet, but the fact of the matter is we’ve come closer than ever before. What should we do if that ever comes to pass? Take it and like it? Hope some other country rescues us? Let the second amendment stand, but let’s stand up for regulation.

Our God-given right of self-defense Roy Moore is an ass.


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