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Will He Or Won’t He? Only Dick Cheney Knows For Sure

Posted on | June 11, 2007 | No Comments


OK everyone knows by now that Scooter Libby got 30 months for perjury and obstructing justice. That his lawyers moved to delay carrying out the sentence, which the judge is not in a mind to do, but a host of legal scholars have argued that the serving the sentence be delayed until the appeal has been heard. These scholars includied Alan Dershowitz of the famous Claus von Bulow trial. A self-proclaimed liberal, according to Wikipedia, he has remarkably supported the administration in the Iraq war and in the use of torture, probably because of the threat to Israel, which was non-existent since Iraq didn’t possess any weapons of mass destruction. To say that Dershowitz has conflicting interests in this case–the rights of the convicted vs. protecting an administration lackey–would be a fair assessment.

In the meantime, I decided to give Scooter a cellmate also waiting for the phone. I’ve done him in manga style, with wind-swept white hair that usually signifies a person of indeterminate sexuality. 🙂


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