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And When WAS the last time you fired that gun, Hill?

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The circus continues. Obama can’t bowl, he thinks bitterness drives you to guns and God. Way too elitist. While Hillary drinks boilermakers, talks about how important her faith is even if she hasn’t been to church since the last state funeral, and recollects fondly how her daddy taught her to shoot behind her grandpa’s lake house. His what? Lake House? How many houses did grandpa have? If you ask me, someone who was a Young Republican at Wellesley and went to Yale Law grew up in some pretty elite circles. John Grant sent me this find from a LiveJournal page that deserves to be quoted:

“Richard Parks (ogre_san) wrote,
“@ 2008-04-15 13:49:00
“It’s Not Complicated:
“Trigged by a post by davidbcoe I’ve been thinking about the latest flap and the grief Sen. Obama has been catching for saying that many small town people are ‘bitter.’ I’ve also been taking into account the results of various other gaffes, distortions, and downright lies perpetrated by the Clintons, John McCain and this (ptooi) Administration, and the consequences (if any). And I’ve come to three pretty much self-evident conclusions:
“1: If you’re a Republican: it’s ok to lie.
“2: If you’re a Democrat: it’s not ok to lie.
“3: If you’re Barack Obama: it’s not ok to tell the plain and obvious truth.
“If one really wants to understand how screwed up we’ve allowed ourselves to become as a nation, you don’t have to look a lot farther than this.”


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