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Obama Offended?

Posted on | July 18, 2008 | No Comments

Obama Offended?

Yanno, I’m beginning to wonder about politics in America. It’s been well established that you can’t tell the truth about anyone. Teddy Kennedy suggested that George Bush was being less than honest with the American people (and he was) and Bush complained that Kennedy was being “incivil.” Truth, like Bush’s less than stellar National Guard record, has to be backed up with documentation, eye witnesses and multiple crossings of the heart. On the other hand, if you tell lies, the media HAS to pay as much attention to them as to other news, so outrageous BS like McCain’s black lovechild (actually an adopted kid from somewhere in the third world), Kerry’s supposedly self-inflicted wounds and Obama being educated in a Hadassah (err something like that), gets told and retold so much it acquires the veneer of “truthiness” (c) Stephen Colbert. Now it looks like satire has become unforgivable. We are told that the New Yorker cover depicting the Obamas as mock terrorists will be misunderstood by the great unwashed who think there’s something to the lies spread by not just the Republicans, but by his Democratic opponents in the primaries, not mentioning any names, Ma’am. Well guess what? If they think there’s something to those lies, they weren’t voting for him ANYWAY. They’re already part of the 23 percent that thinks Bush is doing a bang-up job. If there is one thing that John Kennedy had that Obama doesn’t (besides Marilyn Monroe), it was a sense of humor. He could take it and dish it out with equal gusto. Like the Joker, I have say to the Obama-man, WHY SO SERIOUS? Obama also said they shouldn’t be on his wife, Michelle, either. Well, tough. First Lady’s are part of the campaign. If you don’t want your wife to be part of your Presidential run, don’t be married when you start it. Lest I be accused of beating up on Obama, McCain ain’t any better–he has a sense of humor like a wet turd if his ape rape joke of several years ago is any indication. So lighten up guys.


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