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Bob Novak, Accident

Posted on | July 25, 2008 | 1 Comment

I wrote this past column before the news came out that Bob Novak was ill with a brain tumor. There is a good possibility that the brain tumor was contributory to the accident because one of the neurologists said that you should be tested for brain tumor if you have an accident and don’t realize it. I think that one could hit something and not notice, but well, it does seem hard to notice that a homeless person was splayed across your windshield, but who knows? Nevertheless, Bob is ill and should have the benefit of the doubt. Consequently, I’m deleting my cartoon and most of the column and wish Bob a speedy recovery.

So, once again, news columnist Bob Novak is himself in the news. No, he didn’t commit treason this time, no secret agents were outed on the orders of Darth Cheney. This time, he ran into a pedestrian and then calmly drove off. The pedestrian was splayed across the hood of his Corvette, but Bob kept driving until a bicyclist stopped him and said, “HEY MAN, you just hit someone.”


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