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Don’t Criticize Her, Either Or She’ll Have Your Boss Fired

Posted on | September 2, 2008 | No Comments

Don’t Criticize Her, Either Or She’ll Have Your Boss Fired

I guess that’s how they vetted her–they had so little time between finding out the Democratic Party hadn’t split down the middle and McCain’s announcement, they must’ve depended on an Internet public records site 🙂 And her 70 question form. Of course, since she’s a Republican, she can’t admit she’s ever done anything wrong until she’s caught, so naturally she came out clean as a whistle in her own mind. We can’t criticize her about anything either–the new Republican strategy–find someone with a personal tragedy–a kid with Down’s Syndrome? — to ensure that hard questions never get asked. Look at McCain. How many houses do you have, John? Well, if you had spent 5-1/2 years at the Hanoi Hilton, you wouldn’t know how many houses you had either. I like the way Laura Bush tried to imply that any criticism of Sarah by the Democratic Party would be sexist–even though they all BUT nominated Hillary Clinton and if she had not had a strong opponent in Barack Obama, she very well might have been the Democratic candidate. But, I guess they’ve thrown in the towel on the experience issue. After all, Obama MUST have enough experience if the person the Republicans have selected as Plan B has even less. My goodness, the town she was mayor of had less population than the little burg in New Jersey I grew up in and the entire state of Alaska’s population could be fit into Little Rock, Arkansas. I guess there was nearly a war in the Aleutians tho–she must have gotten foreign policy experience somewhere. (I’ve stolen a few of these talking points from somewhere on the net I can’t remember right now).But check out the Talking Points Memo for some of Sarah’s other qualifications

It seems Louisiana was spared a repeat of Katrina, which was OK because George Bush had no intention of getting any closer than San Antonio. It DID rain on McCain’s parade tho 🙂


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